November Letter

Hello all!

Happy Holidaze. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving (if you’re into that) and even if you’re not…I hope you at least ate some really good food and took a couple of good naps.  I know I said that Justin would be writing this month’s blog, but he is busy chipping away at a brand new EP for his other band Invisible Cartoons….so, I guess you’re stuck with me again!

I wanted to update everyone on some things that we have going on and in the works for the next few weeks. We will be releasing our 3rd and final single “Anchor Town” for Big Sky Redemption on 12/31! I cannot wait for everyone to hear it. It’s always so hard sitting on my hands until all of the pieces are put into place, but I do feel it will be totally worth the wait! After that, we will be releasing the whole thing towards the beginning of next year. So hang in there with us!

We also are working on getting some merch set up for everyone and getting our store up and running and are updating our YouTube channel with fresh content, etc. So, It’s all happening….steady as she goes. If you have not signed up for our newsletter or subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, please do so. It’s one of the best ways to support us and to keep up with us.

I hope that you are all staying warm this winter (I don’t care if it’s technically fall. November is winter) and that you are finding something in your heart to be thankful for. Right now, in this moment….I am thankful for my tom cat who is warming my feet. And for heat. And for a roof over my head. And for AWD. And for peanut butter, that shit’s amazing. I’m thankful for record players. And for friends who are my chosen family. And for the mountains. And for community. And for YOU.


Peace & Love,



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